URGENT APPEAL to the press and supporters of the people’s struggle in Golibar!


to the press and supporters of the people’s struggle in Golibar!

Golibar, Mumbai, February 29 : A few days ago the police had informed the residents that they will accompany the demolition team to Golibar’s Ganesh Krupa Society, on the 29th of February, Wednesday, 2012. There hasn’t been a notice for demolition, but this wouldn’t be the first time that demolitions have occurred without notices. The residents will not be going to work, and will stay home to protect their homes and protest in every way possible. This would be the fifth demolition drive since November of 2010, including many attempts when calls to the chief minister have led to verbal stay orders.

Previously in May last year, as many of you may have heard, there was a 9 day hunger strike by Medha Patkar which led the government to adopt a General Resolution, which amongst asking for a stay order, had asked for an independent committee to investigate the alleged fraud committed by the builder. However, the government later backtracked on the GRs, and the matter has now been in court for the last few months.

Thousands of people had later marched from Golibar to the Mantralaya to challenge the government’ decision, but the builder managed to galvanize the press and give an impression that people supported the project, often by paying supporters and people who’re not even residents of Golibar. Similarly, the matter in the criminal court (case number 2207 of 2011) has been pending without any resolution, even after repeated court orders asked for the builder and the chief promoters of the builder to be chargesheeted for fraud.

The builder lobby may be reacting to the fears of the court, since recently the High Court order in the Hiranandani case, led to the immediate halting of all construction and directed the developers not to sell any flats, and to to construct 3,000 flats to be handed over to the State Government, which will alloted to Lower Income Groups and Middle Income Group. Previously, the land in question was, actually given on lease to Hiranandani (at 40 paisa per acre) for building houses for poor people but in gross violation of all terms and conditions it built skyscrapers, housing societies, Malls etc for rich and big businesses.

In Golibar, the land meant for ‘rehabilitation’ is already in the courts as the Defence Ministry has contended ownership of the land.

We appeal to all journalists and supporters of people’s rights to stand with us and please join us on Wednesday the 29th, where we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries about why we’re still fighting for our homes and our rights.

Sumit Wajale 9967875999, Faiza Khan 9820683281

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