Farmers demonstration at Vidhan Sabha


State Headquarter : Saheed Kisan Smiriti Kutir, Station Road Multai Betul – 460 661

Dr.Sunilam Ex.MLA

Working President



Date : 23rd February 2012


Farmers demonstration at Vidhan Sabha to get back acquired land and cancellation of Adani :- Pench Power Project ”


Kisan Sangharsh Samiti organized a demonstration at Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha demanding cancellation of Adani Pench Power Project, Pench Diversion Project, S.K.S Project, MAXCO Project in Chindwada district and handing over of land back to the 50 thousand farmers of 50 villages.


Thousands of farmers assembled today morning at Sahjani Park & marched towards assembly. They were stopped at Neelam park by police, where they started dharna till sunset. NAPM National Coordinator Madhuresh Kumar gave vivid account of the violation of environment loss and loot of Natural Resources done by Adani’s in Mundra, Gujrat. He said that without getting clearance from Ministry of Environment and Forest in Chindwada. Adani’s has started doing similar crime which must be stopped by people. He extended solidarity of 250 peoples movements to Kisan Sangharsh Samiti struggle.

Mansaram, Leader of Narmada Bachao Aandolan said that people’s power is the Supreme power in the democracy but government are not ready to honor peoples power. He gave detailed account of NBA struggle and achievements.

Addressing the farmers Working President of KSS, Ex. M.L.A Dr. Sunilam demanded that government of Madhya Pradesh take the position that agriculture land will be acquired and no land acquisition will be done without consent of Gram Sabha. He demanded that government should bring this resolution and get it passed in Vidhan Sabha for inclusion in the proposed land acquisition bill to be passed in the Budget Session of Parliament.

Dr. Sunilam said that the government will not be allowed to become agent of business houses while taking votes on the name of welfare of common peoples. Dr. Sunilam said that Supreme Court has directed all the state governments to clear the encroachments of the graveyards and grazing lands, but government of Madhya Pradesh has allowed not only encroachments of graveyards and grazing lands but also allowed Adani’s to encroach the public village roads and 20 hectares of “Chote jhad ka jungle”. In Katni, grazing land is given away to Sukhsagar Builders. Similarly land acquired on the name of irrigation in the Pench Diversion Project is being used for providing water to Adani’s, which is totally illegal.

Advt. Aradhna Bhargav, Vice President of KSS & Leader of Project affected farmer of Chindwada said that government had acquired land of farmers for building canals at the cost of 15000 rupees per acre, subsequently destroying the adjoining farm lands and now the same water is sold out to Adani’s illegally. She demanded that land acquired by the government the Adani Pench Power Project, Pench Diversion Project, S.K.S Project, MAXCO Project must be given back to the farmers after cancellation of the projects. She said that we do not want to get in to severe conflict with government but farmers are being cornered to stop construction work of canals by doing Satyagarh at construction site, because concerned officials are not ready to talk to the farmers. She threatened the government to take the issue to streets of Delhi by organizing demonstration at Parliament House on the 22nd – 23rd March.

Dr.A.K Khan, V.P of KSS said that villagers of Padua village are fighting for long time to save the village land which is being allotted to Sukhsagar Pvt. Ltd.

He said that farmers are ready to sacrifices there mother land and go to any extent for the same. He demanded state government to save the public lands, which is necessary not only for farmers but also for survival of cattle’s.

Ghudo Patel District President, Rama Patel Vice President, Kunj Bihari Patel Gen. Secretary, Kamal Singh Treasurer Rakesh Verma Secretary, Mekhlal Asst. Secretary, Block President of Chindwada Sajje Chandrvansi, Devi Chandrvansi Vice President, Mahesh Daheria Treasurer, Balram Chandrvansi, Kisnu, Kunjvihari Sharma Gen. Secretary, Chinga Verma Choria Block President, Sukhlal verma, Vice President, Balram Verma Gen.Secretary, Jitu Masram Secretary & Other KSS Leaders led the demonstration.

KSS also gave memorandum to Chief Minister, Irrigation Minister, Revenue Minister.


Deepak Pauranik

Spokesperson /State Secretary, KSS


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