Support Campaign – Denuclearization and Promotion of a Society Focused on Natural Energy – Japan

Support Campaign – Denuclearization and Promotion
of a Society Focused on Natural Energy – Japan
Dear Friends,
Greetings from Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples, Hong Kong!
On 8 November 2011, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan issued a statement from Sendai calling for the immediate abolition of all nuclear power plants in Japan in the wake of the tragic nuclear disaster of Fukushima. 
With reference to an earlier statement “Reverence for Life –A Message for the Twenty-First Century from the Catholic Bishops of Japan” (January 2001) which cautiously acknowledged nuclear power as a new source of energy for humanity, the statement from Sendai said the Fukushima tragedy “wiped out the ‘safety myth’, because people put too much trust in science and technology without having “the wisdom to know our limits””.   The statement likewise addresses some concerns that would inevitably arise from immediate abolition, such as energy shortage, and calls on “all residents of Japan” to recover the “culture, wisdom and tradition of co-existence with nature” and “choose anew a simple and plain lifestyle based on the spirit of the Gospel, like saving electricity”.  (See full statement attached.)
The Sendai statement supports an ongoing campaign for denuclearization and promotion of a society focused on natural energy which can be found in the website of the Japan Catholic Council for Justice and Peace ( ) .  The Citizens’ Committee for the 10 Million Peoples’ Petition to say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants is collecting signatures from all over Japan and across the world. 
In the spirit of solidarity and if you are convinced that nuclear power plants pose more threat than opportunity for humankind, please help collect signatures for the campaign.  (See attached Petition and signature sheet.)
Please note that the promoters of the campaign are asking for “personally signed petitions” which they believe is still more forceful in Japan than internet-based signature campaigns.  Here are their instructions:

1. The petition consists of two pages which have to be submitted together. Please staple the 1st page with the petition text and the 2nd page with your signatures together.
2. The English petition is addressed to the present Japanese Prime Minister. It is valid even in case the Prime Minister changes. When our organization will submit the petitions, we make sure that the legal requirements for a valid petition are observed.
3. Please send the petition by postal mail (fax is not valid) to the following address:
Citizens’ Committee for the 10 Million People’s Petition to say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants
c/o Gensuikin, 1F 3-2-11 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, JAPAN
4. The final deadline of this petition is February 28, 2012. However, we have set two intermediary deadlines: September 10, 2011 and December 20, 2011. PLEASE SEND YOUR SIGNED PETITIONS BEFORE DECEMBER 20 AND/OR FEBRUARY 28.
5. Some further notes: 
  • You can write your name and address in your native language.
  • Petitions from foreign citizens living outside Japan are valid as long as the petition is addressed to the Japanese Prime Minister. In case the petition is addressed to the National Diet (House of Representatives) or the Upper House, petitions from foreigners living outside Japan are not valid.
  • There is no age limit.  Signatures from children are also valid.
  • In principle, a petition has to be signed personally. In case of children or disabled persons, it is accepted if someone signs the petition on the person’s behalf.
 The Bishops actually expressed regret that they did not go so far as to urge the immediate abolition of nuclear plants in their 2001 statement.  However, the grey area where benefits and dangers equally lurk is characteristic of the many issues that we face today and hence the need for discernment and constant re-valuing. 
Support the denuclearization campaign.  Let the bishops’ call echo to “all residents of Japan”, and all inhabitants of Earth, and may the value of Life prevail.
 “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”      – Martin Luther King, Jr

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