People’s SAARC Country Events

Dear All

It is to share with you all that, People's SAARC country events are going
to be held in South Asia. To raise the voice of civil societies and
handover the demand and recommendations to the government officials during
17th SAARC summit, which is going to be held in Maldives, Addu Atoll from
10-11 November 2011, People's SAARC country events have been scheduled to
be held in following countries:

1. Bangladesh: 03 November 2011, Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha -BNPS Hall
2. Nepal: 04 November 2011, Nepal Academy Hall, Kathmandu
3. Pakistan: 05 November 2011, in Lahore and Karachi
4. India: 08-09 November 2011 in Trivandrum

Similarly, a small team comprising few representatives of civil societies
from South Asian countries will organize various programmes from 8-9
November in Maldives, which will consolidate/compile the country
resolutions and make into regional CSO position. And it will be
disseminated to others as well as handed over to the official SAARC

Therefore, you all are requested to participate and provide your inputs for
the successful completion of People's SAARC event.Long live South Asian people's solidarity.

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