Social Movements Calendar 2011 – November

The November month of social movements calendar 2011 is dedicated to People’s struggles against Mining Impacts and would like to stress how mining out precious resources spell disaster for large number of tribal communities in India and across the world


Candle Light Vigil at India Gate, New Delhi-1 Nov at 5.30 pm

Dear Friends, 
November 1, 2011 marks the twenty seven years since the 
terrible genocide of people of the Sikh faith in Delhi, 
Kanpur and other places. This genocide was organised by 
the government of the day and by the main leadership of 
the Congress Party. Since then, we the people of India, 
have been fighting without let up to ensure that the 
guilty are punished. 
To signal our opposition to all acts of state organised 
communal genocide and state terror against any community 
or people, and to signal our determination to continue the 
struggle to punish the guilty, the Lok Raj Sangathan, 
Sikh Forum, PUCL and PUDR are jointly organising a 
candle-light vigil on that day. 
Time 5.30 PM 
Venue: India Gate Martyrs column. 
We request you and your organisation, as well as all 
those friends interested in ensuring justice for victims 
of state terror and state organised genocide, to join in this. 
With sincere regards 
Birju Nayak 

National Fishworkers Forum (NFF) National Meet: 6-9 Dec. 2011

Dear Friends,

NFF National Meet at Thiruvananthapuram from December 6 – 9, 2011

We are glad to inform you that the National Meet of National Fish
workers’ Forum will be held from December 6 to 9, 2011 at Hassan
Marakkar Hall (Near AKG Centre), Thiruvananthapuram. Along with the
meet, a wide range of programmes like Exhibition on Fisheries,
Seminar, Demonstration, Friends meeting, Fisheries Cultural Programme,
Meeting of the Delegates, Public Meeting, etc. will be held.

The programme is hosted by KSMTF ( Kerala Independent Fish workers’
Federation) and therefore, the expenses have to be organized.
Therefore, we request your Support in the events and we also request
your personal and organizational contribution towards the expenses.

The contributions for the National Meet may be sent to the following address:

(A/C No. 10202432733, Kerala Swathanthra Malsyathozhilaly Federation,
SBI, Valiyathura Branch, Thiruvananthapuram.)

General Secretary
KSMTF Office, Garuda Building, GPO Lane, Statue,
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 001, Kerala.

Yours Faithfully,


T.Peter, Secretary, NFFSd/-
P.P.John, General Secretary, KSMTF

Dow Chemicals Partner with London Olympics

Dear All,

Dow Chemical acquired Union Carbide as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2001.
They are therefore responsible for the clean up of the former Union Carbide
Factory site in Bhopal, India. The area around the factory is densely populated and continues to be heavily contaminated by chemicals and toxins
produced by the factory which Dow, despite their evident responsibility,
have thus far refused to clean up.

The situation in Bhopal is a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe that
continues to affect tens of thousands of people today.

The organisers of the Olympic Games claim that they are commited to
organising a sustainable and environmentally friendly event. It is therefore
completely unacceptable  for Dow Chemical to be partnered with the London
Olympic Games, and the wider International Olympic Organisation.

Pls click on the link and start signing the petition and forward it all your
friends and put it out on social media networks as well.

Recommendation for Charter of People’s SAARC (PSAARC)

Invitation for Recommendation for Charter of People's SAARC (PSAARC)

The Republic of Maldives will host the 17th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Summit on 10-11 November. The Republic of
Maldives, declared "Building Bridges" as the theme for the Seventeenth SAARC
Summit. "Building Bridges - both in terms of physical connectivity and
figurative political dialogue. However, the notion of bridging differences
would be represented as the overarching theme of the summit rather than any
set diplomatic or development aims," stated a Press Release issued by the
Maldivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 19 June 2011.  

An Indian PSAARC convention will be held in Kerala on 8-9 November before
the official SAARC summit. Kerala was selected due to several reasons.
First, Kerala will be an ideal state to hold the meeting because of its
proximity to Maldives. Second, one of the shortcomings of PSAARC in India
has been its inability to reach out to political and NGO groups in south
India. Holding PSAARC in Kerala will help PSAARC widen its reach in south
India. Third, many people's struggles in Kerala have resonance with
struggles not only in India but in South Asia. They include struggles
related to fisher and tea workers, secularism, security legislations. More
importantly Kerala is a symbol of multi-religious/cultural diversity with
progressive people movement history.

It was decided that this PSAARC convention in India will be called "People
Building Bridges in South Asia". The themes of the convention will be as

*	Nuclear Free South Asia
*	Fish and Tea workers struggle
*	Challenges posed by Trade Regimes and Corporatisation
*	Peoples Struggles and Security Legislation in South Asia
*	Tolerance, Syncretism and Secularism
*	Climate change and food security

PSAARC plans to present people's charter in 17th SAARC Summit, Maldives and
has asked PWESCR to contribute to it. We would like to extend our invitation
to South Asian NGOs working in the field of women's rights for a Skype
meeting on Friday, 28th October at 3:00pm to contribute with their recommendations. You can send in your confirmation or recommendations and
suggestions (in case of inability to join in Skype chat) to . 

In solidarity
Kripa Basnyat

People’s Saarc, Delhi Preparatory meeting, all are welcome

Dear Friends,

There have been two planning meetings in Delhi (Oct 14 & 21) and a very
successful planning meeting in Trivandrum on 24 October 2011. A press
conference was held on 25 October (see the press release and coverage
below).  There has been a lot of progress in this short time but a lot needs
to be done in the next few days to ensure a successful People's SAARC
convention in 10 days time.

To take this process forward,* the next planning meeting in Delhi is being
held on Saturday, 29 October 2011 at 4pm at the Indian Social Institute. *

*Date: Saturday 29 October*

*Time: 4pm*

*Venue: Indian Social Institute (ISI)*, 10, Institutional Area, Lodi Road,
New Delhi (India), *Tel.:* (011) 4953 4000

Please circulate this information and ensure the widest possible
participation. We look forward to seeing you on the 29th and to a successful
People's Saar convention on 8-9 November 2011.

In solidarity,

 PT George, Afsar Jafri, Jamal Kidwai, Ashim Roy, Vijay Pratap, Ashok
Chowdhury, Babu Mathew, Rajni Tilak, Tara, Ritu Datta, Radha Khan,
Dharmendra Yadav, Rajeev Singh

*Participants in the planning meeting on People’s Saarc held in
Thiruvananthapuram on 24th October 2011.*

1. K. S. Sajeed

2. K.P. Viswavalsalan, NTUI

3. T.Peter, KSMTF & NFF

4. K.P. Sasi

5. M Rajan, NTUI

6. D.R. Pisharody

7. V. Pratap Singh, NTUI

8. K.R. Sadanandan, NTUI

9. T.S. Narayanan, NTUI

10. Viswakala Thankappan

11. E. George, NTUI

12. D. Sulif

13. Indira Menon, (Advocate)

Working President-NFIW

14. Ashim Roy, NTUI

15. Fr. Jose Pulinthanath S.J.

16. P.T. George, ICR

17. P.T. John

18. Sumesh Mangalassery

19. Solidarity Youth Movement, Trivandrum

20. Raghu Iraviperor, National Alliance for Fundamental Right to Education

*Press Release - 25 October 2011


Representatives of several people’s movements, social action groups and
human rights organisations have decided to hold a parallel event along with
SAARC summit scheduled to take place in Maldives on November 10th and 11th.

 Earlier, South Asian activists have organised parallel events along with
SAARC summit to express their major concerns in Colombo, New Delhi,
Kathmandu and Bhutan. This year, activists have decided to hold the concerns
of people’s movement in Thiruvananthapuram under a common theme of ‘People’s
Movements unite South Asia’.

'Most of the issues which people’s movements fight in South Asia are
common,’ said T. Peter, KSMTF,  convener of the alliance ‘ The invasion of
the corporate world on sea, forests, land and water resources are crippling
a large section of people in south Asia. We hope to bring larger alliances
of struggles in South Asia through this event.

Activists have decided to hold a parallel event on November 8th and 9th with
a broad agenda to bring various issues within the framework of ‘Governance,
Democracy and Human Rights’. National and State political leaders from
diverse political parties will participate and express their solidarity. The
event will be held in YMCA, Thiruvananthapuram drawing various people’s
movements in India and representatives from South Asia.
‘Globalisation and changes in the structure of capital have affected the
working class in all third world countries,’ said Ashim Roy, General
Secretary of NTUI. ‘Therefore, the growing concerns of the working class
needs urgent South Asian alliance. While the leaders of SAARC countries are
coming together with the interest of trade and profits, the working classes
are forced to come together for their livelihood and survival.’

The alliance have decided to organise the following eight workshops during
event covering most of the burning issues of people’s movements.They include
: Democracy and Human Rights, Women leadership in people’s movement, Trade
and Livelihood, Militarisation and De-nuclearisation, Natural Resources and
People’s Movements for sustainable development , Nuclear industry in South
Asia and , Rebuilding Labour movement in the region , Exclusion,
discrimination and oppression  in South Asia.

‘There are thousands of people’s movements struggling for their rights all
over the country,’ said K. Sajeed, Secretary, Solidarity Youth Movement.
‘The challenge before the people of South Asia is to educate the leaders of
South Asian governments to follow the concerns of the people of South Asia.’

Hundreds of representatives of people’s movements in India and South Asia
are expected to gather for this two day convention  on 8th and 9th. The
activists aspire to bring out the burning issues of the people’s movements
and their concerns among the public and the leaders of South Asian
Governments. Activists are also concerned about growing human rights
violations of the Asian Governments like genocide in Sri Lanka, Armed Forces Special Powers Act in North East and Jammu and Kashmir, suppression of
minorities in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and many other human rights
violations on people’s movements all over South Asia.

‘In the end, the policy level changes in South Asia will take place only
through the pressure of the collective strength of grass root movements’,
said P. T. George from Intercultural Resources, New Delhi. ‘Ecological
crisis and the challenges generated by climate change are some of the
biggest issues facing humanity at large, especially the South Asian
Countries. The very existence of Maldives as a country itself is threatened
today. In this context, there is an urgent need of pressure from people’s
movements in South Asia to bring pressure on the South Asian Governments to
adopt policies for sustainable development.’

Organising Committee of the event consists of M Rajan (Chairperson),T. Peter
(Convenor), and other organising committee members like Advocate Indira
Raveendran , Magline Peter, Viswavalsalan, K Sajeed, Kamala Bhasin, Ashim
Roy, Kavita Shrivastava and PT George. The alliance members reported that
the convention will end with a common declaration and a demonstration in

T. Peter (Convenor), M. Rajan (Chairperson),  K. Sajeed (Committe Member)
Contact address:
Kerala Swathanthra Matsya Thozhilali Federation (KSMTF),Garuda Building, GPO
Line, Thiruvananthapuram-1 ,  Ph: 9447429243.

*Press Coverage*

The Hindu
Thiruvananthapuram, October 26, 2011

People's movements in South Asia join hands

Special Correspondent

Representatives of people's movements, social action groups, and human
rights organisations from various countries in South Asia will hold a
parallel meeting here on the two days preceding the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Summit scheduled to take place
in the Maldives on November 10 and 11.

The parallel meeting will be held on the theme ‘People's movements
unite South Asia,' and will address major concerns in the region,
including livelihood and human rights issues, environmental problems,
and climate change, chairman of the alliance M. Rajan, convener T.
Peter, and other leaders told a press conference here on Tuesday.

“Most of the issues taken up by people's movements in South Asia are
common,” Mr. Peter said. “The invasion of the corporate world on the
sea, forests, and land and water resources is crippling a large
section of the people in South Asia. The parallel meeting is expected
to forge a larger alliance of struggles in South Asia.”

The event here will have a broad agenda to bring various issues within
the framework of ‘Governance, Democracy and Human Rights.' Leaders of
political parties across the spectrum are expected to participate and
express their solidarity. The programme will be organised at the YMCA
hall here.

“Globalisation and changes in the structure of capital have affected
the working class in all Third World countries,” Ashim Roy, organising
committee member of the parallel summit, said. “The growing concerns
of the working class need a coordinated approach. While leaders of
SAARC countries are coming together to promote trade and ensure better
profit, the working class is forced to join hands for its livelihood
and survival.”


The alliance is organising eight workshops during the event on issues
such as democracy and human rights; women's leadership in people's
movements; trade and livelihood; militarisation and denuclearisation;
natural resources and people's movements for sustainable development;
nuclear industry in South Asia; rebuilding the labour movement in the
region; and exclusion, discrimination and oppression in South Asia.

“There are thousands of people's movements all over the country
struggling for their rights,” K. Sajeed, another organising committee
member, said. “The challenge before the people of South Asia is to
educate the leaders of their governments to address their genuine

Human rights violations in South Asian countries are expected to
figure in the sessions.

“Policy-level changes in South Asia will take place only through the
pressure exerted by the collective strength of grassroots movements,”
P.T. George from the Intercultural Resources, New Delhi, said.

“Ecological crisis and the challenges posed by climate change are some
of the biggest issues facing humanity at large, especially in South
Asian countries. The very existence of the Maldives is threatened

In this context, there is an urgent need for people's movements in
South Asia to bring pressure on the governments to adopt policies for
sustainable development.”Meet to be held in city before SAARC Summit starts in the Maldives next


Dear Friends,

The India PSAARC Convention is being held on 8-9 November 2011 in
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The two day convention will have an opening and closing plenary and
eight workshops on wide ranging issues such as Democracy and Human Rights,
Trade and Livelihood, Women Workers, Militarisation and Nuclearisation,
Natural Resources and People's Movement, Nuclear Free Asia, Labour Rights,
Exclusion, Discrimination and Oppression.

Despite the short notice, delegates from all South Asian countries are
encouraged to participate.In solidarity,
on behalf of the Organising Committee
T. Peter (Convenor), M. Rajan (Chairperson),  K. Sajeed (Committe Member)