In Solidarity with the struggle against Koodankulam Nuc Plant – CNDP

Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) Statement in Solidarity with the Struggle against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant.
Last few weeks have witnessed an intense struggle in the Koodankulam district of Tamil Nadu in India against the nuclear power project. Government of India’s plan to commission two 10,000 Megawatt VVER type reactors in Koodankulam in December 2011 has ignited the anger of people in the region who have been fighting against the setting up of the reactors since the very beginning. Instead of heeding to the people’s demand, both the Central Government as well as the State Government have displayed callous disregard for democracy by arresting a large number of peaceful protestors without the slightest provocation. Even the local MLA has complained that his plea to raise the matter in the State Assembly was rejected and that he was not allowed to speak.
People in Koodankulam have become even more apprehensive after the Fukushima accident about nuclear safety, health and radiation. The safety review report submitted by Russian state agencies to President Dmitri Medvedev in the wake of the Fukushima accident has underlined the vulnerabilities, lack of regulations and practices in the nuclear industry and has clearly pointed out that Russian reactors are completely under-prepared to face large scale disasters.
CNDP extends is solidarity to the struggling people in Koodankulam and with their demand.
 We demand that the Central and State Governments stop harassing the protestors immediately.
We also demand the Central Government should hold a democratic and transparent national consultation on nuclear power projects in the country with proper assessment of economic, environmental and human cost of such expansion.
Achin Vanaik
J Sri Raman
Admiral Ramdas 
N D Jayaprakash
Sukla Sen
Anil Chaudhary
September 16 2011

Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP)

A 124/6 Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi-16

Telefax: 011-26517814

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