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NAPM Condemns Complete annihilation of small farmers in World Agricultural Congress 5-7 Nov.2013


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Press Release 07th November 2013


NAPM Condemns Complete annihilation of small farmers in World Agricultural Congress 5-7Nov.2013

Dubbed as “World Annihilation Forum”, long back, World Agricultural Forum (WAF) has lived up to that and again succeeded in annihilation of small and marginal farmers, their right to discuss issues of concern to them, and created a distance between them and the policy-makers elected by them, in World Agricultural Congress (WAC) 2013.

Unfortunately, WAC 2013, WAF and government leaders from India failed to observe a minute of silence in memory of farmers who committed suicide in the aftermath of cyclone Phailin and heavy rains, just days before WAC 2013 commenced. Amidst a chaotic agricultural farm situation, with crop losses, stagnant water in the field, huge farmer debts, in Andhra Pradesh, WAC 2013 has begun and ended, with no reference to such a situation. In the past three days, no word has been uttered on the farmers suicides, or calamities faced by farmers in AP and elsewhere in India.

Achievements of World Agricultural Forum, at WAC 2013:

1. Successfully created barriers in participation of small and marginal farmers in WAC 2013 through high registration fees, high security, inaccessible place, alien concepts, using English as the basic medium of communication, prior development of topics without any scope for integration of local content, expensive ‘corporate’ atmosphere and inhospitable attitude.

2. Extraction of Statement from Union Minister of State for Agriculture Tariq Anwar conducive to their objective and agenda, including genetically modified (GM) crop seeds and contract farming.

3. By the participation of a Union Minister, Chief Minister, Agriculture Ministers of AP and Karnataka, WAF could get legitimacy to their organization and visibility to their anti-farmer objectives.

Difference between WAC 2011 (Brussels) and WAC 2013 (Hyderabad) is obvious. While WAF could not achieve government participation and partnership in a corporate-friendly US and Europe, in India, populated by independent, sovereign small farmers, government was eager to be seen with WAF functionaries. Participants were happy with the full operations and logistics service over three days, which included coordinating 75 speakers from 6 continents. However, in Hyderabad, delegates had to face tough time in getting accommodation, getting translation, etc., and had run pillar to post to get even the minimum needs done. In a international event, translation services are very important. However, local participants were not given any choice. Of course, this is in tune with the core objective of WAF and their sponsors, ‘to deny farmers any choice’. The big saving grace, unfortunate though, has been the huge involvement of Department of Agriculture, Government of Andhra Pradesh, in terms of manning many ‘conference’ services, mobilization of farmers and other participants. Without the involvement of this Department, WAC 2013 would have been damp squib.

Our allegation that WAF is a lobbying organization of multi-national companies, especially Monsanto, was proved right when the Chairman of World Agriculture Forum Advisory Board and former Prime Minister of New Zealand James Bolger called for a political consensus on GM crops, and terming it as the only answer for reduction in food prices. Ignoring the distress among small and marginal farmers caused by profit-making agri-business companies, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Tariq Anwar call for helping companies in getting better prices for their products is completely unexpected, and deplorable.

Speakers and presenters and sponsors of WAC 2013 have deliberately tried to push agri-business as the only answer to increase food production, and GM crops as the means to increase productivity. No session or speaker who could give a wider perspective has been invited or included. Policy-makers, agri-business companies and private profiteers have to realize the farming is not a purely economic activity. Their corporate and business solutions give rise to many economic, environmental, social and quality questions. None of these questions were allowed to be asked at this Congress. WAC 2013 would have been useful if there was wider participation and scope for the views of different stakeholders. Views of farmers, consumers and taxpayers are very important, and not just those of profit-makers and their lobbying organizations.

Estimated, there are about 300 delegates, including 33 from various countries, will discuss in 29 sessions different aspects of agriculture and allied sectors. There will be 13 keynote addresses, 11 round table discussions and five concurrent sessions. However, there is no transparency and information sharing system. Typical of a ‘closed’ corporate event, even the media did not information. Small and marginal farmers who were invited were not allowed and were stopped at the gates. Police officials were posted inside the conference hall, creating an atmosphere of regimentation and barrier-full atmosphere.

We condemn the attitude of WAF and government towards farmers and farming community. We deplore lack of facilities and facilitation for participation of small and marginal farmers. We reject the condescending attitude of the organizers towards enthusiastic farmers, who travelled long distances.

We demand the following:

1. A public apology from World Agricultural Forum for creating barriers in participation of small and marginal farmers.

2. A statement from Government of Andhra Pradesh, and Government of India, clarifying that the presentations and announcements would have no bearing on policies of the government with regard to agriculture and welfare of small and marginal farmers. It should also include a declaration of disassociation from engaging with WAF in future.

3. A compensation package for farmers of Andhra Pradesh, who were distressed by recent cyclones, rains and bad quality seeds, from agri-business corporations and from the financial proceedings of WAC 2013.

4. Publication of all the expenditure incurred by the governments (State and central), and WAF in organizing WAC 2013, and sources of all the monies.

Saraswati Kavula, BRK Raju, Dr. K. Babu Rao, Dr. D.Narasimha Reddy,

Suhas Kolhekar, Maj.Gen. Sudhir Vombatkere


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Farmers Protest in Andhra Pradesh

A large number of farmers conducted a rally in Tuni town of East Godavari district in protest against the government’s failure in supplying the seeds to farming community. They demanded the government to control the black market

Emaar victims seek justice

Nandigram could well be visiting Hyderabad. People whose land were acquired for Emaar, Financial District and other projects in the vicinity have now asked the government to redeem open, utilised plots from the project promoters and either return them the land or pay compensation as per the present market value. According to the “land victims”, the government should cancel the MoU with Emaar properties, like it did with Brahmani Steels, and return them the land.

Land stir against Bhandara power plant intensifies

Farmer from 15 affected villages held a public meeting near the plant site in Rohana village and resolved to challenge the the land acquisitions and not allow further acquisitions  Farmers’ protests against the proposed thermal power plant of Bhandara Thermal Power Corporation in village Rohana in Mohadi tehsil of Hyderabad district are growing louder. Farmers allege that the company has acquired nearly 600 ha of land in the village for a paltry Rs 8 lakh per acre (0.4 ha) without the consent of the gram sabha. Repeated appeals to the district collector have proved futile.

Many Challenges of Land Acquisition

Mr G.V.K. Reddy , Chairman GVK Group.  ‘There are many challenges, including land acquisition’ V. RISHI KUMAR,   VINAY KAMATH

The Head of the diversified Hyderabad-based infrastructure company is charting out plans for the $10-billion coal-mine project and related infrastructure, which is by far their biggest.

Andhra Train Accident – 25 dead and 43 injured

Hampi Express Accident: 25 Dead, 43 Injured –  At least 25 passengers were killed, 16 of them charred, and 43 injured when the Bangalore- bound Hampi Express rammed into a stationary

goods train after its driver apparently overshot the signal near the station here in the wee hours today. The impact of the collision that took place at 3:15 AM was such that four bogies of the express train derailed and one of them caught fire near Penukonda station in Andhra Pradesh coming under Bangalore division of South Western Railway.          Rescuers evacuate an injured woman from the site of a train accident at a station near Penukonda, about 170 kilometers north of Bangalore.

EXCLUSIVE:Andhra Pradesh Train Accident

At least 14 people have died and 25 others have been injured after a passenger train collided with a goods train in Andhra Pradesh today.The collision occurred at around 3:15 this morning when the Hampi Express, travelling from Hubli to Bangalore, rammed a stationary goods train near Penneconda station in Anantapur district.

Andhra Pradesh train accident: 18 dead, over 30 injured

The Indian Railways one of the largest  carries in India which transports more  30 million passengers a day also accounts for more than 15% world’s train accidents.  The latest one happened today in the early morning in which at least 18 people are reported to be killed and several injured.

SEZ Updates on 11 April 2012

The major updates on SEZ today are as follows: Thought the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee may have said no to granting the special economic zone status to the Infosys project in Rajarhat but the WB government has to wait for a nod from N.R. Narayanamurthy to formulate an IT policy for the state. In another episode an anti-special economic zone (anti-sez) protest turned  in Kakinada, Andhra Pradeshs violent. Meanwhile the finance ministry has formed a committee to review the scheme for electronic refund of service tax paid on taxable services used for export of goods. Lastly, Niranjan Hiranandani’s 30-year-old son, Darshan Hiranandani, currently managing director of Hiranandani group, will take care of the group’s energy business. 

1. IT policy draft awaits Narayanamurthy nod: Link:

2. Anti-special economic zone protest turns violent:

3. Panel to review service tax refund for exports: Link:

4. Hiranandani prepares kin to take charge. Niranjan Hiranandani will need to resolve various issues facing the company. Link:

SEZ Updates on 9 April 2012

1. Andhra Pradesh Government Returns 35 acres of Wakf land: State Government has handed over 35 acres of prime land worth over Rs 100 crore belonging to the Baba Hazrat Sharfuddin Dargah in Pahadi Shareef to the Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Board here today. Link:

2. ‘SEZs near metros, cities are land scams': Delivering the K. L. N. Prasad Memorial Lecture on ‘Could the Indian Economy Do Better’ at the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad on Saturday, Lord Desai said that SEZs coming up near metros and cities were basically land scams. “Don’t sell the land in SEZs, rent it so people cannot make capital gains,” he suggested. Link:

3. Scattered industrialisation preferable  to SEZs’: link:

4. New building regulations: he rules will apply to all building activities in all municipal corporations, municipalities, nagar panchayats, areas covered by urban development authorities, gram panchayats covered by master plans, general town planning schemes notified under the AP Town Planning Act,1920 and Industrial Area Local Authority (IALA), Special Economic Zone (SEZ). All existing rules, regulations and byelaws that are in conflict or inconsistent with the new rules shall stand modified to the extent of the provisions of these rules. Link:

5. Andhra Pradesh  being ruled by mafia, says Naidu:


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